Monday, August 18, 2014

8 ways you can pretend you live in Downton Abbey

This random post is because I've been watching Downton Abbey like a crazy person over the past few weeks.  Many people would call it binge watching.   I call it rewarding myself for feeding the kids and doing the laundry.  Since I do those two things every day, it seems only fair that I allot myself an hour, or several hours, to pretend I live in England in a fancy house and have servants.

(My face on Mary's head.  I think I look like a natural Downton Abbey-er)

But sometimes just watching the show is not enough to whisk me away to my imaginary land of fancy dresses and tea parties.  I think I need a little more.  So I've come up with these ways to pretend that I live in Downton Abbey.  You can do them, too.

8 Ways You Can Pretend You Live in Downton Abbey

1.  Get a bell and keep it by your side at all times.  Ring it whenever you want somebody to come to your aide.  The first time you ring it, I'm pretty sure that everyone will come running.  Once the kids find out that you want them to bring you a drink of water or take a dirty diaper to the trash or rub your feet, however, you might have to ring it more consistently and more annoyingly to get them to come.  But keep at it.

2. When your husband is at home, don't get up for breakfast.  Ring your bell and when he comes to see what the heck that noise is, tell him that you're a married woman.  You deserve breakfast in bed.  He might be a bit miffed.  But be adamant.  It's time to set a new standard of living. 

3.  When it's time for dinner make everybody get dressed up in their Sunday best.  (Even though Sunday best will not be fancy enough, it will have to do.  Pretty sure hubby will draw the line at buying tuxedos to wear to dinner every night)

4. Whenever anyone comes over to visit, make everyone in the house go stand out in the front yard or driveway and wait for them.  Make them stand there tall and straight with their hands at their side and grim expressions on their faces.  I think that will make your guests feel welcomed and appreciated and not at all freaked out.  Don't you?

5.  Have everyone address you as "My Lady".

6.  When your husband asks you what's for dinner, hand him the bell and tell him to ask the cook.  (When he tells you there is no cook, you'll have to let him know that that sounds like personal problem.)

7.  Several times throughout the day, put on a fancy dress and walk elegantly around your yard, as if you are contemplating life's greatest troubles.  Watch out for dog poop though, especially if your yard is like my yard.

8.  When it's time for bed, you can't possibly get undressed by yourself.  If you don't have a lady's maid to help you, your husband will have to do.  But hey, he might actually like this part.  

Don't you think doing these things will dramatically improve your way of life?  I can't wait to head to the store and gets some bells so I can start trying them out.  And also, it's time to admit that I'm so late in jumping on the Downton Abbey train because for the longest time I thought it was a show about nuns.  You know. . . because in the Sound of Music Sister Maria lived in the abbey and the show is called Downton Abbey. . . 

Well it's not about nuns.  In case you didn't know. 

So who else loves Downton Abbey?  And what were your thoughts at the end of season 3, which I just finished?