Monday, July 28, 2014

Do You Still Court Your Wife? Holly's Story

Today's crazy mom story comes from a dear friend of mine. I have many fond memories of staying up late discussing our lives together. From kids to husbands to everything in between. I miss her living down the street and sharing these late night comforting gab sessions together.  

Enough about us. Here's her story!

About a year ago, Kasey (my hot husband) and I had the opportunity to talk to an older gentleman who has been married to his "sweetheart" (his words) for over 45 years.  I asked what their secret was to make their marriage work- his reply was simple.  He turned and asked Kasey, "do you still court your wife?" He then went on to explain to us that our family started as the two of us and that we will have years of craziness but that we need to make 'us' a priority because in 25 years when our last baby moves out of the house it will, then again, be just the two of us.
Anyone that knows me will know that I'm a stew-er.  Anything there is to worry about or fuss over, I will.  I'll analyze every conversation for hours after having them, always thinking of the perfect response at 1:00 in the morning. 

I don't do anything half way.  If I say that I'm going to do something, you better believe it will be, as my husband tells me, over the top.   

So when it comes to my kids, I'm the same way. Birthday parties, birthday cakes,  baby blessings, even down to my girls pedicures- they're crazy. Or I'm crazy- take your pick!  I will loose sleep just to get every last detail perfect. And I LOVE it! 

With that being said, what this dear gentleman said slapped me like a ton of bricks.  At first I thought,  yeah, what the heck Kasey!  You DON'T still court me!! I played the victim.  

But like I said, I'm a stew-er.  So this question got some late night thinking! I came to the conclusion that I go overboard for my kids, but when was the last time I put that much focus and attention on my husband.  And then something miraculous happened.  I opened my eyes! Here is a guy that when I'm up to my ears in Dora, diapers, and drama, he steps in.  If dinner isn't quite ready when he gets home after 10 long hours at work, he cooks it! (Better than me if I might add!!)  He does still court me, just in a different way than he used to.
The most amazing thing is, is that I've seen a change in me. In our marriage. In him.  If I don't bark at him the second he walks in the door (because lets be honest, I've done my fair share and then some of that!) he isn't a total grouch!  And trust me with three kids under 5 we have enough grouchiness, crying and screaming to last us 25 years. And when I'm happy, my kids are happy and HE is happy. Funny how that works, huh?  

Now I'm not saying that we have a perfect marriage because we are far from that.  It is a process that we are both on board to work on and still working on.  

But with that being said, it's nice to know that when your daughter drops HER shorts in the middle of the park to tinkle or when your five year old walks up to a lady in a tube dress and asks if she forgot to put on her pants that morning or if you forget to button up your shirt after nursing your baby in church (all of which where incredibly embarrassing) that someone has your back.
So to answer that sweet mans question. 
Yes! My husband still courts me.  It's just sometimes harder to realize and actually see when flowers come in the form of 10 minutes of peace and quite. I just wish I would have realized it sooner instead of 10 years later. 

So here is a challenge, try it for say....... two weeks, look for the good instead of focusing on the bad and just see what happens!  What could it hurt, right?!?! 

Believe it or not, it helped not being up to my ears in Dora, diapers and drama!  Perhaps just up to my knees instead!

Thank you Holly for helping me open my eyes and see that my husband does still court me as well. And he does an amazing job at it, too!

I accept her challenge! I hope you will too! Let us know how your two weeks goes.

Please share your story with us today! Click here to see how. It always feels better to get it out there and let everyone know we're not crazy alone!

Thursday, July 24, 2014

Mommitos Burritos

My mom really knows how to make me feel special, in many ways. But one of my favorite ways is through food! While I was home she made my favorite main dish.

I made sure to take pictures and write the recipe down so I can share this meal with my family and friends!

I'm going to call them Mommitos Burritos!

Gather the ingredients.
My mom is one of those amazing cooks who doesn't have to measure anything. She just adds everything and it tastes delicious. I haven't mastered that skill, yet. I have to measure exact. So you may want to add more or less of some of the ingredients depending on your taste buds.

Brown the beef. Add the salt as you are browning the meat.

Mix in the taco seasoning and chili beans. Cut the velveeta cheese into cubes, add them and stir until melted.

Pour vegetable oil in your pan about a quarter inch from the bottom. Let the oil warm up.

Put 2-3 spoon fulls of meat mixture in middle of flour tortilla.

Roll the tortilla up and place in pan of grease. Fry until browns then turn it over and repeat.

Now it's all ready to serve with your favorite toppings.
Our favorite toppings are sour cream, lettuce, cheese, salsa, and black olives!

My mom had to double the recipe to feed all our bellies, so the pictures are of a doubled recipe, but the recipe card will serve about 6-8.

What is your favorite meal that your mom makes? Do you have that recipe in your stash?

Wednesday, July 23, 2014

Read Along Wednesday, Froggy Eats Out

Froggy Eats Out, by Jonathan London is about a little frog who goes out to eat with his parents at a fancy restaurant. His mom reminds him to ,"be neat, be quiet, and don't put your feet on the table." This is hard for Froggy, especially when he sees Frogilina sitting across the restaurant.

My kids love this book because of all the descriptive sound words it uses. They love making the fun sounds after I read them. 

As a mom, I really love the ending of this book and the lesson mom and dad learn.

Make a fun Froggy lunch for your kids with these ideas.

Frog Sticking Tongue Out Sandwiches from Yahoo!Argentina 

 Flies on a Log from The McArdle Family Blog

Fruity Frog from Spoonful

 Froggy Cupcakes from Craft Gossip

Become Froggy while eating your lunch by creating your own mask.

Using this template from Doodles.
Make one for yourself, too.

Together see if you can eat your Froggy lunch "being neat, quiet, and not putting your feet on the table." Don't forget to show the kids how they have to use their tongues to eat like a frog!

Describe the sounds you are making through words as you eat.

There are many other books in this collection about Froggy. Make sure to check them out, too and follow along with Froggy as he learns some very important life lessons!

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Tuesday, July 22, 2014

A Day in the Life of this Mom

In the world of moms, some days are good and everything goes as planned.

But most days are chaotic and frustrating, and nothing goes as planned.

So, last week, I made plans with my friend for a fun filled outside day, in an effort to keep the kids busy and out of the house because we are in the midst of painting and it is a mess.

As I climbed into bed the night before I fell asleep to dreams (fantasies) of cheerful,enthusiastic children looking forward to the fun day we would have.

At 6:30am reality hit with a vengeance as B climbed into bed asking for the 200th time if he could have his new legos. They are buried under 3 feet of other items that I had shipped from my parent's home, which I hadn't had time to unpack yet.

You would think I would just flip the box over and open it from the bottom to give him hours of content play. You would think. (I actually just came up with that solution while typing this, I'm so slow sometimes).

I distracted him with the television because that's the kind of mom I am. I let him watch an hour of tv first thing in the morning while the girls and I continued to sleep.

When the girls woke up, I dragged myself out of bed and started the day.

I served them a deliciously healthy breakfast of blueberry bagels with cream cheese.

B is a planner like his mom and functions better when he knows what is scheduled for his day.
So I outlined what we were going to do without time stamps, because he wears a Spider-Man watch on his right arm and is a time telling expert.

Mack Attack is complaining about having to eat half of a bagel that I gave her. She's not hungry she tells me. So I try to trick her by saying that if she wants to have enough energy to ride her bike all the way to the tadpole creek and back she needs to eat all the bagel I gave her and drink all her milk. She downs her milk with no problem. Two minutes later she drops her bagel, cream cheese down, on the floor. I was not about to waste another bagel in trying to force her to eat more.

Lost that one.

I then spent the next few hours trying to get the older 2 kids to play outside while keeping the toddler awake and out of the paint mess through her morning nap so she would take an extra long nap in the afternoon…. because that was part of the plans.

It was miserable, but somehow I did get the dishes done, kitchen floor swept, and a picnic lunch packed.

It was also part of the plans to meet at the walking trail at around 10am.

Lost that one.

It took me forever just to load the double stroller, 2 bikes, 2 helmets, water bottles for everyone, and picnic lunches in the burb. By the time it was loaded I was sweating profusely and my muscles were aching. I had gotten my workout for the day.

Won that one!

Another bright note is my friend was having an equally unsuccessful day. I pulled into the parking lot at the head of the walking trail at 11:15 (B made sure to tell me that it was almost lunch time).

I unloaded and got everyone situated and then a wave of pain hit me. This pain caused some panic as I knew the repercussions of ignoring it…. poop pain!! You get the picture...

I had 2 options:

1. Abandon bikes and strollers right there at head of walking trail, pray they would still be there when I returned. Throw kids back in the car and race the 7 minutes back home…. with no guarantee, hope only, that I would make it in time.


2. Walk/run as fast as I can with the girls in the stroller and B on his bike at my heels and head straight for the bright blue porta potty.

The pain was brutal so I went with option 2.

I ripped Mack off her bike, threw her in the stroller, told B to follow me on his bike and explained very loudly that mommy needed to go to the bathroom RIGHT NOW. As I walk/ran to the porta potty I threatened the girls with their lives if they tried to climb out of the stroller. Luckily the toddler was strapped in so I didn't have to worry about her. I then scared B with stranger danger and lake drowning if he got 2 feet from the blue shiny porta potty.

I held my nose as I stepped into the box and was surprised by its cleanliness.

Won that one.

I took care of business with the door cracked open enough that I could see the girls sitting in the stroller.
My scare tactic worked with B because he stayed close enough to bang on the side of the porta potty the whole time.

Won that one.

When I was done I walked towards my friend who had arrived a few minutes after my entry into the dreaded porta potty. I wasn't even going to mention what had happened. However, B felt it necessary to explain what had just happened in as much detail as he could. I think he is learning the art of embellishment.

Lost that one.

 We started our walk. Yelling at the 3 older kids the whole time to wait up…. STOP and wait... don't get too far ahead of us. While trying to keep the 3 younger ones happy in the strollers with snacks.

Mack Attack did great riding her bike for the whole mile to the tadpole creek. When it was time to get back on bikes and walk back to the car she was too tired to ride her bike and wanted a ride in the stroller. I felt a twinge of elation inside as I got to say, "If only you had eaten all of the bagel I gave you for breakfast, you would have more energy." But that was short lived as she climbed in the stroller and I threw her bike on top and pushed 2 kids and a bike the mile back to the car.

Let's call that one a half win/ half lose.

When we were done we loaded everything back up and headed to the park. I stopped and grabbed a slushy for the kids because I'm a cool, spontaneous mom.  Or was it because I needed my Dr.Pepper fix. Stranger things have happened.

Won that one.

We finally got lunch at 1:06.
B made sure to let me know I was late with lunch…. you know, the time teller.

Lunch went pretty smoothly as I don't have to stress about the mess at the park. All the food that doesn't make it in their mouths and lands on the floor instead is just helping out all the park animals. Keeping them fed well and healthy. Right??!

The kids played on playground equipment for a few minutes while my friend and I sat in silence and enjoyed our peanut butter and jelly sandwiches. No one broke a bone or cried or anything.

Definitely WON that one!

I dropped the older 2 kids off at 1:46 for a playdate with cousins. (It's kind of nice to have a kid who can tell time and keep you on track or let you know just how off track you always are.)

Then as part of the plan for the day I took Kimi home and finally laid her down for her nap which she was completely ready for and zonked out as I was carrying her to her bed. She slept for a solid 3 hours.

Won that one.

I painted. Just me and my thoughts (and if that doesn't scare you, nothing will)!

The evening went a lot smoother. I didn't have any plans.
Maybe that's my problem. I try to plan too much??!

I've learned that some days I win and some days I lose. I consider it a successful day if I keep the kids alive. Am I right??! My mom did say in my latest visit home that it's a wonder they live through the day with as much mischief as they can get into!!!

Aren't you just exhausted from reading all that?

If you're lucky enough to snag a nap…. DO IT! And get in some extra time for me, please.

If not, say yes to the next 3 demands of your children and see how many wins you get.

Monday, July 21, 2014

Champion Puker, Katie's Story

Katie is such a fun mom to 6 sweet kiddos. She is so willing to share her advice and the knowledge she has learned along the way. I love listening to her stories and am thankful for her advice.

 With six kids there is a lot of public humiliation, something that I have never liked. But 15 years of kids (my oldest is 15), has changed my reaction when the moment happens, now I just roll with it.

So each of my children has had an infamous moment in public, however some stand out more than others.

My family has had many puking stories. Each child has tried for the “champion” of puking in public. 

However, only one child holds that title.

My husband, kids, some of my family members, and I had gone to watch my little brother compete in state wrestling. We were very excited because he had done very well and was going to wrestle for the state championship. We were at an events center and if you have been to a place like that, they are huge. There are rows and rows of seats and they go all around in a horse shoe shape. We were almost all the way to the bottom to ensure a good view. We had a couple rows of wrestlers in front of us so we were about the third row down from the bottom.

One of my children kept laying on the cement floor. I kept thinking he must just be tired, it had been a long weekend. My mom picked him up and handed him to me. I settled him on my lap, where he squirmed for a bit then all of the sudden, (one of those slow motion moments), he projectiles on a boy in front of us. Absolutely covering the back of his head, his shoulders, and his arms. You could see the puke run down his shirt. 

 Meanwhile, his friend next to him begins screaming in a high pitch voice and jumping up and down, shrieking ooooh its on me (he got a little bit on his little pinky)

 My husband grabs our son and starts taking the stairs four at a time, all the while my son is puking all the way up the steps. You can hear the whole crowd (like in the movies) as they go oooh, aaaah, ohhhhhh.

I am horrified as hundreds to a thousand people witness this moment to never be forgotten. 

 I turn to the poor young man in front of us and I start apologizing to him. He just quietly takes off his shirt, wipes himself off with it and then bends over to get in his bag. I look down to see that he has puke puddled on the top of his bag. I ask if I can take it to the bathroom to scrub it off and try to find something to clean the stairs off with and the floor around us. I clean it off and take the bag back to the young man. He was such a gentlemen about it. I bet he has never forgotten that moment. 

 I have wondered if he has children of his own and has experienced something like this. I hope it is with someone as kind as him, if he has.

You sure experience a lot of things with kids some good and some horrifying. But they grow up so fast and we just look at it now as a funny story to tell (over and over again). I will be sure to tell it to his future family someday.

Beautiful photography done by Em J Photography

Thank you Katie for being brave and sharing one of your most horrifying mommy moments with us! I sure hope your kids give you a break and stop competing to top this one!

What is your most horrifying, embarrassing moments with your kids? Can you top this puke story and put Katie at ease??!!

If you haven't shared with us yet, make sure to share your story with us today! Click here to see how.  Have a fun week!

Friday, July 18, 2014

Photos of Summer Friday, Week 6

We've been home a week and I think we are finally adjusting to the scheduling of real life again.

Well, not really.

We are setting aside the unpacking, house cleaning, and time watching.

Instead we are thoroughly enjoying our summer at the swimming pool, in the creek for crawdad catching, riding our bikes, eating popsicles, and soaking in all the hot sun!

You guys sure know how to enjoy summer right along with us!

Thursday, July 17, 2014

3 Things my Husband Dreads about Being Alone for 3 Weeks

1. He comes home from work and has to go straight to the man cave (which, with no one home, the whole house is a “man cave”).